As summer draws to a close and autumn approaches, mouse infestations become an increasing pest issue.  When they are looking for a safe place to spend the winter, mice are attracted to the shelter and dependability of food offered by many homes, and they have little difficulty gaining entry through small cracks and crevices in a structure.  Clues that there may be mice in your house include scratching or chewing noises in the walls, feces or urine, containers of food that have been chewed through, or wood shavings in areas where mice have been gnawing.  What follows are some tools to help you handle a potential mouse control problem.


Mice are opportunistic feeders and are drawn to areas where they have easy access to nourishment.  Keep your garbage bins closed and sealed.  Being diligent about removing crumbs and spills, as well as cleaning underneath appliances like the stove and refrigerator, can go a long way in keeping mice out of your kitchen.  Storing food in air-tight, sealable containers will also help stop mice from ruining your dry goods as well as from spreading disease.

Preventative Maintenance

The most effective way to address a mouse control problem is prevention.  Mice are very small and flexible and are able to squeeze into the tiniest of spaces.  Seal all gaps or cracks that are a quarter of an inch or larger in your foundation, openings for water pipes, and vents.  Mice will chew through wood and cardboard, so using cement, metal, or a smooth, impenetrable substance is best.

Professional Mouse Control 

If you are already experiencing mice in your home, contacting a professional pest removal company like ABC Wildlife is the best plan of action.  Our qualified mouse control technicians have the experience and skill set to identify the areas where mice are gaining entry into your home.  They will create a removal plan including population control, animal proofing, and remediation.  He or she will also create a custom solution to eliminate accessibility to your home, lessening the likelihood of future occurrences.

The homes that are most appealing to rodents are the ones that are most hospitable to their needs.  Neglecting to address the factors that make your property vulnerable to animal breach is tantamount to hanging a welcome sign on your door for mice.  Take action now and call ABC Wildlife at (847) 870-7175.  We’re available 24 hours a day to answer your mouse control questions.

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VitoVito Brancato is a wildlife specialist and educator with over 15 years of animal and pest management experience.  He is a certified Wildlife Control Operator through the National Wildlife Control Operators Association and belongs to the National Pest Management Association and the Illinois Pest Control Association.  He is an avid beekeeper and nature enthusiast.

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