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Skunks build burrows under stairs, stoops, decks, and sheds. They dig for grubs in the lawn leaving unsightly holes. Skunks also spray pets and carry diseases that are harmful to both people and pets. When skunks invade your property, trapping and removing the skunks must be your top priority.

ABC Wildlife resolves human-wildlife conflict across Chicago and the Chicago Suburbs by humanely removing skunks and repairing the damage they leave behind.

  • Humanely remove skunks from under decks, stoops, stairs and sheds
  • Repair the damage that skunks cause
  • Eliminate health hazards by removing skunks from under your house
  • Install barriers to prevent skunks from coming back
  • Deliver peace of mind

Skunks have their place in nature, not on your property.

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I Appreciate Their Attention to Detail

“Robert and Don arrived exactly when they said they’d be here. Robert explained the work and the care they would take with plants that had to be temporarily moved. Meanwhile Don was getting all the equipment ready to start work. I was impressed with how they kept the dirt and debris contained. The placement of the screening is going to provide a barrier that will deter any burrowing animal. They replaced all the plants and dirt, and it looks great! I really appreciated all their hard work and their attention to getting things back exactly as they were. I can highly recommend them.”

What Happens When There’s a Skunk Under My House?

Skunks are such skilled diggers that they can dig a hole underneath sheds, stoops, decks, and stairs in no time. Once their den is dug under your home they’ll mark it with their smelly musk which can make your house smell like skunk all year. Skunks have large families, so it’s important that all of the skunks are removed humanely. Our trained experts inspect your yard to determine where skunks are denning.

Once all of the skunks are removed, unless they’re permanently excluded, new skunks will dig burrows and other animals will take those burrows over once the skunks are gone. After we remove your skunk, our team will install an underground barrier of skunk-proof steel material under your deck, shed, porch and stairs to make sure that skunks and other wildlife never invade your home again.

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ABC Wildlife Certified Experts Humanely Trap Skunks

We solve every wildlife issue from A through Z. When skunks invade your home, yard, or business, we make solving your skunk issue and skunk proofing your building as simple as A-B-C.

Our highly trained professional technicians solve any wildlife problem, including skunks, when wildlife cause damage to property or threaten human health and safety or the safety of your pets.

Expert Staff

Every ABC Wildlife technician is state-certified. They are individually licensed to humanely trap and remove animals from your home or property.

Scientific Techniques

Our team of biologists uses modern techniques to humanely capture and remove skunks. They get the job done quickly and get the job done right to keep your family safe.

Comprehensive Service

Once the skunks are removed from your property, our team of structural exclusion experts uses skunk-proof materials to seal skunks out from under your home, stoop, stairs, deck, or shed.

Best Skunk Removal and Prevention in Chicagoland

Get them out. Keep them out. Get your life back.

Humane Trapping

Efficient and humane trapping methods with respect for wildlife.

Get Animals Out

Damage Repair

Eliminate health hazards and get life back to normal.

Repair Animal Damage

Sealing Skunks Out and Preventing Them from Returning

Skunks want to come back. We’ll make sure they can’t.

Keep Animals Out

What Animal Damaged My Lawn?

If you’ve ever looked out the window in the morning and exclaimed, “What dug holes in my lawn last night?” then you might have a skunk denning on your property. Underneath your lush green lawn are grubs which are a skunk’s favorite food. Call us before skunks come back tonight to feast again.

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Skunk Removal & Control

Are there skunks under your front stoop, porch, or patio? A strong skunk odor in or around your house and visible digging under stoops or patios are both indicators that skunks are living on your property. If you’re experiencing this, we can help. ABC Humane Wildlife Control & Prevention has the experience, resources, and methods to remove skunks from your home safely and effectively. Give us a call today at 1-847-870-7175.

Skunk Identification

Skunks (sometimes also called polecats) are easily distinguished by their bold, striped markings. The most common fur colors are black and white, but some skunks are shades of brown, gray, and even cream. All skunks are striped (even from birth), but sometimes those stripes are broken and appear as spots or splotches.

Skunks are also notorious for the strong smelling liquid they spray when threatened. The liquid is expelled from a gland under the tail and has a range of up to 15 feet, so stand back! Skunks vary in size from 15 to 36 inches long (including their tails), and males typically weigh between 3 and 12 pounds. Female skunks tend to be smaller than males and usually weigh fewer than 9 pounds.

Skunks have strong, five-toed front feet that are equipped with long, curved claws that are perfect for digging. Their hind feet have toes that feature shorter, straighter claws. A skunk’s tail is long and bushy.

Skunks are omnivores, which means they eat insects, larvae, earthworms, grubs, small rodents, snakes, birds, moles and more. In urban and suburban areas, skunks will forage for food in garbage cans and consume refuse left by humans. Skunks have also been known to find their way into garages while searching for pet food.

Skunk Habitat

Skunks are common throughout most of the U.S., including Northern Illinois. Skunks can thrive in various habitats, but they prefer forest borders, wooded ravines, and fields with a good water supply nearby. Skunks like to feel protected, and while they can dig their own dens, they frequently burrow under existing buildings and rock or junk piles. In suburban areas, skunks are most often found under stoops, sheds, and decks where they can dig out dens. Their entry point is usually about the size of a softball.

For 40 years, ABC Wildlife has helped homeowners across Chicago and the greater Chicagoland suburbs deal with skunk problems.

Skunk Damage

In urban and suburban neighborhoods, skunk problems often occur in residences and abandoned buildings. Skunks tend to nest under porches and stoops and burrow under the sides of homes. Skunks can enter homes through very small holes, creating a nest once inside.

Like any unwanted animal, skunks create damage both during entry and after they’ve entered a home. When skunks dig under a stoop, the stoop will frequently begin to crack and collapse. This crumbling concrete is not only a fall hazard, but can cost thousands of dollars to repair.

Because of their unpleasantly odoriferous glands, skunks present a problem unlike any other animal. The scent given off by a skunk can linger for weeks if not treated properly. It can also be very troublesome if sprayed on concrete foundation walls. Because concrete is porous, the scent can persist for an extremely long time and be very difficult to remove by homeowners who lack specialized knowledge.

Skunk Health Concerns

Skunks carry parasites and diseases that can be harmful to humans. These include rabies, roundworm, and parvovirus. Sealing up the skunk’s entry points before it has been removed from your property can can cause the skunk to be trapped and die under your stoop. When a skunk dies, their scent gland bursts, and the smell is even worse than it would be under normal circumstances. If you think you have skunks under your patio, front stoop, porch, or deck, do not approach them as alarming them may trigger them to spray or even bite you.

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You should contact a professional skunk removal and remediation service as soon as you identify any potential skunk problem in or around your home. Call 1-847-870-7175 to talk with our friendly and helpful staff today. ABC Humane Wildlife Control & Prevention has over 40 years of experience in skunk prevention and repair.

We have both the knowledge and tools to get rid of your skunk problem no matter how simple or complex. Every one of our courteous, professional staff members is trained in skunk removal, trapping, and control techniques as well as how to identify skunks and prevent future skunk damage to your home.

ABC Wildlife Skunk Service Area

ABC Humane Wildlife Control & Prevention is an animal control and prevention provider based in Arlington Heights, IL. For over 40 years, we have served individual home owners, commercial business owners, property managers, and municipal customers dealing with skunk problems. Below are some of the areas where we have helped customers deal with unwanted skunk visitors in both homes and businesses. This list is not exhaustive. If you are located in Northern Illinois, please contact us today at 847-870-7175, and our expert animal control specialists will be happy to help.

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Skunks carry diseases that affect people and pets including rabies, distemper, and leptospirosis. Don’t let skunks ruin your home, risk your health, and destroy your peace of mind. Contact our experts to get the job done right.

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