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Noises in the Attic?

In addition to denning in chimneys, raccoons can rip through shingles, soffits, vents, and gables to enter attics, walls, and crawl spaces.

Once inside, they cause damage and contaminate insulation with their urine and feces. Until the holes are repaired, more raccoons will enter. Our team of specialists and craftsmen will remove contaminated insulation and repair the damage to make sure animals can’t keep coming inside.

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What Happens When I Have Raccoons in My Attic?

Raccoons damage insulation with their urine, feces, and body odor. Your attic may smell like a zoo after having raccoons inside, and unfortunately, this odor is sometimes permanent and can be detected from the human-occupied rooms in your home. Removing the unpleasant odors and waste raccoons leave behind is important for the health of your family and the value of your home.

In addition to soiling insulation, raccoons compress it, reducing its insulating properties. When your attic insulation is compressed and soiled, your energy bills increase, and it puts your home at risk of mold and mildew problems, as well as problems associated with ice damming on the roof.

Raccoons in Illinois carry a parasite called Raccoon roundworm that can infect humans. About 75 percent of raccoons carry this dangerous parasite, so chances are that the raccoon in your attic does. The parasite remains infectious for months or years, and this is one reason that raccoon waste should be handled only by state-certified experts. Each expert on our team holds a Class-A Nuisance Wildlife Control Permit, and has undergone additional training in infection control and wildlife disease management. We are qualified and ready to remove hazardous raccoon waste from your attic and other areas on your property. Raccoon feces must always be treated as hazardous waste, because each gram of raccoon feces from an infected raccoon contains an average of 20,000 Raccoon roundworm eggs.

Insulation Contamination Cleanup

It is common for raccoon feces to contain the parasite, Raccoon roundworm. Raccoons are generally unharmed by it, but this parasite can infect the brain and spinal cord of all other warm blooded mammals, including humans. When raccoons are denning inside of your home, insulation becomes compressed and contaminated with raccoon feces that must be safely cleaned up. Our team will remove the contaminated insulation and replace it with new, clean insulation.

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Raccoon Parasite Treatment

Raccoons can harbor ectoparasites that spread disease, including fleas and ticks. After raccoons are removed, our team will perform an ectoparasite treatment to help control the parasites raccoons leave behind.

Raccoon Odor Treatment

When raccoons have been living in your home, their musk, feces and urine can leave an unpleasant odor that will linger for years. We apply an enzymatic odor treatment designed to digest contaminates and neutralize unpleasant odors.

Raccoon Damage Repair

Raccoons can tear off shingles, tear into eaves, chew through wood, bend and tear off metal roof vents, and even bend attic fan blades to enter homes. Most roof vents are made of aluminum, which is no match for a raccoon’s strength and determination to get inside. Raccoon-proofing your home is a process during which soiled attic insulation is removed, contaminated areas undergo remediation and sanitation, and fresh, clean attic insulation is installed. Then we install raccoon-proof stainless steel products that are breathable, yet strong, to keep raccoons out.

Chimney Caps

An animal-proof chimney cap is an important step in raccoon-proofing your home. In the wild, raccoons live inside of hollow trees, and your chimney makes a nice substitution for a tree cavity. When there is no cap on your chimney, raccoons climb inside and raise their young on top of the damper. When this happens, feces accumulates on top of the damper, fleas often enter the house, disease-causing raccoon urine drips into the fireplace, and sometimes, the raccoons squeeze past the damper and end up in your living room. When raccoons are in the chimney, our team of experts remove the raccoons, sanitize the waste they leave behind, and install an animal-proof chimney cap to keep raccoons from coming back again.

Attic Fans

Attic fans are vulnerable to raccoon damage. When raccoons enter through attic fans, they sometimes cause the screen to entangle the blades, so when the fan turns on, the motor can labor without the blades moving. This is a common fire hazard associated with raccoons. To keep this from happening, strong, vented stainless steel housings that are specifically designed to protect the attic fan and keep raccoons out must be installed. Our team installs attic fan guards that protect your home and last for years.

Vent Guards

Vents on roofs, sometimes called mushroom vents, are one of the most common ways raccoons enter homes in Illinois. Mushroom vents are not designed to keep raccoons out. They are made of aluminum and raccoons can effortlessly bend them or pull them off. We install strong, raccoon-proof vent guards made of stainless steel to keep raccoons out of your home by protecting your roof vents. These exterior housings mount over the vents to prevent raccoons from reaching them while ensuring ample airflow.

Raccoons make holes in eaves, and tear into other vulnerable areas, especially where dormers intersect the roof. Our team repairs the holes raccoons cause using raccoon-proof stainless steel to keep raccoons from coming back.

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