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Your Local Humane Opossum-Proofing Experts Since 1976

ABC Wildlife resolves human-wildlife conflict in Northern Illinois by humanely removing opossums and preventing them from returning.

Opossums live in burrows under stairs, stoops, decks, and sheds. When attacked, they can inflict a painful bite to an overzealous dog. Their burrows are also smelly and can harbor fleas, ticks and other parasites. Anyone who has experienced an opossum problem would never want to repeat the experience.

  • We eliminate access to burrows to keep opossums from living under homes
  • We attach invisible animal-proof steel to patios to keep opossums from entering
  • We prevent opossums from going under porches with opossum-proof materials
  • We seal opossums out from under stairs, stoops, decks, and patios
  • We deliver peace of mind

Opossums have their place in nature, not under your house.

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Fast and Efficient

“The removal specialists arrived early, found the opossum and captured it in under 15 minutes. I figured it would take much longer in our cluttered garage but they surprised me with their efficiency! Thanks so much for finding and removing the critter so fast!”

What Happens When There’s an Opossum Under My House?

Once we’ve removed the opossums, their empty burrows are an invitation to additional opossums and other types of wildlife to move right in. Without our team’s expert animal proofing, you’ll most likely have animals living under your home again soon.

We know exactly how to remove opossums and keep them from returning. Our team of opossum exclusion experts will imbed an underground barrier of animal-proof steel around your home, deep enough to prevent unwanted animals from tunneling under it.

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Don’t let opossums ruin your enjoyment of your yard and destroy your peace of mind. Contact our experts to seal opossums out.

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What is a Barricade-Style Trap Set for Opossums?

As a science-based team with more than 40 years of experience, we’ve developed the best methods for removing opossums and keeping them from returning. When opossums have burrowed below your home, a barricade-style trap set is often the best course of action.

Barricade-style trap sets are appropriate when there is a plan in place to seal opossums out permanently before the trapping process begins. Here is the process involved in a barricade-style trap set for opossums.

  • A trench is dug and animal-proof steel is installed in the trench
  • The burrow opening is left open, and a humane trap is placed right at the burrow opening
  • The trap is tightly affixed to the surrounding buried steel to funnel the opossum right into the trap
  • Once the opossum is captured, the area in front of the burrow is sealed to complete the invisible underground barrier

There are three reasons why many homeowners prefer the barricade method. First, having an underground barrier installed prevents opossums and other wildlife from returning, which creates a long-term solution. Next, since only the animals under the home can enter the trap, this method prevents non-target captures and tends to resolve the problem quicker. Finally, the barricade method is the most humane solution, because it prevents other animals from creating another nuisance situation and needing to be trapped and removed in the future.

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Opossum Proof Your Deck, Shed, Stoop and Foundation with Expertly Installed Animal Proofing

Whether you call them possums, or opossums, we keep them out. Opossums don’t dig burrows. They rely on burrows created by other animals, like woodchucks or skunks. This means that having opossums is entirely preventable by using underground animal-proof steel once animals have been removed. If you don’t animal proof your home after you’ve had skunks, woodchucks, or foxes, an opossum may be your next uninvited guest. Let our experts animal proof your home today.

Opossums want to make your home their den. We’ll protect your home to keep opossums out.

Why Do Opossums Sometimes Die in Their Burrows?

Opossums have poor eyesight, and they aren’t good at avoiding cars and predators. When an opossum is injured, it tries to return to its den. When a sick or injured opossum dies in its den, removing it can be a challenge requiring a lot of excavation. It’s much better to prevent this from occurring by opossum proofing your home to prevent opossums from living underneath. 

How Do I Get Rid of that Opossum Smell?

Once the opossum is gone, their smell can stick around. To help remove the unpleasant odors opossums leave behind we apply a natural enzyme that dissolves their biological solids. 

Control Opossum Parasites

When an opossum is living under your home, their ticks, fleas, and other ectoparasites live there too. We apply treatments that help control these parasites.

ABC Wildlife Certified Experts Humanely Prevent Opossums From Returning

We solve every wildlife issue from A through Z. When opossums invade your home, we make solving your opossum issue and opossum proofing your property against future opossum issues as simple as A-B-C.

Expert Staff

Every wildlife control expert on our team is state certified. They are individually licensed to humanely trap and remove animals from your home or property, and specially trained in our proprietary methods to seal opossums out. Our team undergoes extensive field and classroom training on the biology and habits of every native species.

Scientific Techniques

For over 40 years, our team of biologists have kept homes and families safe by using the science of how opossums behave to humanely exclude them from foundations, decks, stoops, stairs, and sheds.

Comprehensive Service

Our team of structural exclusion experts seal opossums out with opossum-proof materials that they cannot burrow under.

Keep Your Home Opossum Free

Opossums have their place in nature, not under your home. Call today to schedule an inspection with an opossum-proofing specialist.

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Protect your property and your health from any wildlife or pests. Our experts are trained to give you peace of mind.

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