Animal Proofing to Seal Animals Out

It’s not enough to just get animals out. We have the expertise to keep them out.

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Prevent Animals from Entering with Expert Animal Proofing

Once you’ve had an animal in your home, their pheromones attract new animals, making it more likely to have animals enter your home again.

To prevent your property from suffering even more harm, it is essential that after the animals are removed, that the areas where they had been living in your home are sanitized and the damage is repaired. Safeguard your home against future wildlife breaches with animal proofing.

Our team of specially-trained biologists and repair specialists has the expertise to pinpoint entrances and exits, repair damage, and seal all of the holes that animals use to get back in your house.

  • Remove Attic Insulation Contaminated by Animals
  • Seal Gaps to Keep Mice and Animals Out
  • Install Metal Roof Vent and Attic Fan Guards to Keep Animals Out
  • Cap Vents, Chimneys, and Other Entry Points
  • Keep Animals from Burrowing Under Stoops, Decks, and Sheds by Installing Underground Animal-Proof Barriers

Animals want to make your home their den. We’ll help you protect your home from animal damage.

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Animal Proofing for Businesses and Residences

In addition to thousands of private homes, our firm serves thousands of commercial properties each year. We protect offices, restaurants, warehouses, and multi-unit properties by removing animals and sealing them out.

Protect your reputation and your workers’ health by controlling pests and keeping pests out.

Animal Proofing and Prevention for Businesses

Protect your reputation and your employee health with comprehensive animal proofing.

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Animal Proofing and Prevention for Residences

Professional, expert, and affordable animal control and proofing services for your home.

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How Animals Damage Homes

When animals come into your home, they cause significant damage in a short period of time. They create entrances and exits for themselves so they can come in and out to get food. Trap animals humanely to prevent additional damage.

Animal damage can include:

  • Holes torn through eaves, fascia, siding, and soffits
  • Damaged roof vents and shingles
  • Soiled insulation contaminated with feces and parasites

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Round Lake Park, IL


A Job Well Done

“Nick S. deserves a raise, he had to close up a hole on the trim boards about 30 feet up at the peak. A job well done.”

How Our Experts Keep Them Out

A quarter-inch hole is all a mouse needs to enter your home. Home repair contractors who don’t specialize in wildlife don’t even know to look for holes that small.

Our biologists and animal damage repair specialists are trained to spot vulnerable entry points, repair animal damage, and seal the places allowing animals to enter your home.

We know where to look. We know what to look for. We know how to fix it.

It’s true animal proofing for your peace of mind.

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Protection. Repair. Prevention.

We protect homes and businesses across Northern Illinois by removing animals, repairing the damage they cause, and sealing animals out.

Humane Wildlife Removal

Fast, efficient, and humane animal removal by our team of trained and licensed professionals.

Get Animals Out

Wildlife Damage Repair

An animal infestation means waste and damage. We know how to repair your house and restore the safety of your home.

Repair Animal Damage

Proofing and Prevention

Our staff of skilled tradespeople install animal-proof products so animals can never enter your home again.

Keep Animals Out

Keep Your Home Animal Free

We love wildlife. We just think it should be in the wild. Let’s keep animals out of your house.

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Protect your property and your health from any wildlife or pests. Our experts are trained to give you peace of mind.

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