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Helping Homeowners Remove Squirrels and Repair Squirrel Damage Since 1976

Squirrels use their sharp teeth to chew through wood and shingles to gain entry. Once they get inside your home they ruin insulation and continue to chew and damage your home. Since they chew on wires, squirrels are a fire hazard.

When there’s a squirrel in your attic, it’s important to have it trapped and taken away immediately. Since 1976, we’ve been resolving human-wildlife conflict across Chicago and the Chicago Suburbs by humanely removing squirrels and repairing the damage they leave behind.

  • Humane squirrel trapping
  • Repair squirrel damage to your roof, attic, and eaves
  • Remove the contamination that squirrels leave behind and use an enzymatic treatment to remove squirrel pheromones
  • Remove squirrels from the fireplace
  • Install chimney caps and vent guards designed to prevent squirrels from entering
  • Deliver peace of mind

Squirrels have their place in nature, not in your house.

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Courteous and Professional

“We had squirrels coming through a hole in the roof/siding. ABC humane wildlife was called and the biologists who have come to help us have all been very helpful, courteous, professional and thoroughly knowledgeable. They had to come over and remove at least three squirrels. I would recommend them highly for taking care of animals coming into the house.”

What Happens When There’s a Squirrel in My House?

Squirrels chew shingles, enter through roof vents, and make holes in eaves to gain entry to attics. They ruin insulation with their feces and urine. They can cause fires by chewing through wires, because they are attracted to them since wires look like the grasses that they use to build their nests. Once they get inside, they sometimes fall down wall voids and become trapped, necessitating the drywall to be cut open to remove them.

Having squirrels trapped and removed immediately is the safest and most economical remedy when squirrels are in your home.

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ABC Wildlife Certified Experts Solve Squirrel Problems and Repair the Damage They Leave Behind

We solve every wildlife issue from A through Z. When squirrels invade your home, yard, attic, or business, we make solving your squirrel issue and squirrel proofing your building as simple as A-B-C.

Our knowledgeable technicians come to your home to determine how squirrels are getting in. We then set live traps to humanely capture the squirrels and remove them from your property.

Courteous and Professional Staff

Each ABC Wildlife technician is state-certified in nuisance wildlife control. They are highly trained, knowledgeable, and determined to solve your squirrel problem quickly.

Scientific Techniques

We use science to identify squirrel entry points, and efficiently trap your squirrels so they will stop damaging your property.

Comprehensive Service

Trapping and removing the squirrel from your home is only the first half of the process. Unless the damage is repaired, more squirrels will enter and live in your home. Our team of experts will repair structural damage, remove waste, and keep squirrels from coming back.

Local Squirrel Removal and Prevention in Chicagoland

Get them out. Keep them out. Get your life back.

Humane Removal

Efficiency combined with humane trapping methods and respect for wildlife.

Get Animals Out

Damage Repair

Eliminate health hazards and get life back to normal.

Repair Animal Damage

Prevention and Sealing Squirrels Out

Squirrels want to come back. We’ll make sure they can’t.

Keep Animals Out

Why Do I Have Squirrels?

To a squirrel your home is a good substitute for a hollow tree. Squirrels can infest any home but they most commonly pick older homes that are made of wood and are surrounded by large trees and forested areas. In Northern Illinois the towns most plagued by squirrels are Evanston, Lake Forest, Elmhust, Glencoe, Winnetka, Hinsdale, Glen Ellyn, Wheaton and Naperville.

They’re looking for shelter. They’re looking for warmth. They’re looking at your home, no matter where you live. Find out why, and what we can all do to coexist.

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Squirrel Control & Removal

Do you have squirrels in your house? If so, the squirrel removal experts at ABC Humane Wildlife can help. Scurrying or scratching noises in your garage, attic, crawlspace, or basement might mean you have unwanted visitors. ABC Humane Wildlife Control & Prevention has the experience, resources, and methods to remove pesky squirrels from your home safely and effectively. Give us a call today at 1-847-870-7175.

Squirrel Identification

With over one hundred different species worldwide, squirrels are one of the most common animals humans see in everyday life. The squirrel species most common in Illinois are the eastern grey squirrel, named for its grey coloring, and the fox squirrel, usually red or brown in color. They range in size from 9-12 inches long, and their tails add another 7-10 inches in overall length. These varieties of squirrel are typically 14 to 21 ounces in weight.

Illinois squirrel varieties are most often scatter hoarders, meaning they gather and store their food in several locations for later retrieval. An individual squirrel can create hundreds of caches in any given season. Squirrels prefer a diet of tree bark and nuts and will damage live trees by gnawing and tearing to get to the soft tissue just beneath the bark.   It is also not unusual for them to create problems for homeowners by invading bird feeders in search or corn and sunflower seeds.

Squirrel Habitat

The squirrel is common throughout the U.S., including Northern Illinois. Squirrels live in and around homes and commercial buildings and are found living in wooded areas surrounding urban and suburban homes.

It is common for squirrels to build nests or “dreys” in the forks of tree branches. However, it is also common for squirrels to make their way into homes and business buildings to build nests and find a place to store their food for the winter.

For 40 years, ABC Wildlife has helped homeowners with squirrel problems across Chicagoland.

Squirrel Damage

Squirrels are most likely to enter a structure through the roof, attic, eaves, and soffits and can cause significant damage while doing so. By the time you have discovered a squirrel problem in your home or business, it is entirely likely that the squirrels have created multiple access points. They often chew on fascia boards and cedar shingles to create entry points into your attic and like to gnaw on electrical wiring as well, which causes a serious fire hazard. Because squirrels are rodents with teeth that continue to grow throughout their entire lives, chewing serves to file down their teeth.

Once a squirrel, or family of squirrels, has gained access to your home, the impact to your everyday life can be both stressful and costly. Squirrel families mat down insulation, creating energy and financial loss, and their urine and feces cause an extremely unpleasant odor.  Once inside, they will continue to chew on wood support beams and other structural supports, causing damage to the building.

Squirrel Health Concerns

Squirrel excrement sometimes contains the bacterium that causes salmonella and leptospirosis, both of which can be life-threatening. While squirrels seem cute and cuddly, they can be surprisingly aggressive. Mother squirrels are very protective and may bite during the spring and fall baby seasons. If you have been bitten or scratched by a squirrel, please consult a doctor immediately.

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You should contact a professional squirrel removal and remediation service as soon as you identify a potential squirrel problem. Call 1-847-870-7175 to talk with our friendly and helpful staff today. ABC Humane Wildlife Control & Prevention has over 40 years of experience in squirrel prevention and repair.

We have both the knowledge and tools to get rid of your squirrel problem no matter how simple or complex. Every one of our courteous, professional staff members is trained in squirrel identification, removal, trapping, and control techniques as well as how to prevent future damage to your home.

ABC Wildlife Squirrel Service Area

ABC Humane Wildlife Control & Prevention is an animal control and prevention provider based in Arlington Heights, IL. For over 40 years, we have served individual home owners, commercial business owners, property managers, and municipal customers dealing with squirrel problems.

Below are some of the areas where we have helped customers deal with unwanted squirrel visitors in both homes and businesses. This list is not exhaustive. If you are located in Northern Illinois, please contact us today at 847-870-7175, and our expert animal control specialists will be happy to help.

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