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ABC Humane Wildlife: The fast, efficient way to get animals out of your home and business. Trusted by your neighbors to get the job done right.

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Protecting Your Property, Your Health, and Your Family

Humane Wildlife Removal

Fast, efficient, and humane animal removal by our team of trained and licensed professionals.

Get Animals Out

Animal Proofing to Seal Pests Out

We are expertly trained to stop animals from getting in. Our staff of skilled tradespeople installs animal-proof products so animals can never enter your home again.

Repair Animal Damage

Animal Damage Repair

An animal infestation means waste and damage. We know how to repair your house and restore the safety of your home.

Keep Animals Out

Peace of Mind Across the Chicagoland Region

We love wildlife. We just think it should stay in the wild.

Animals are an important part of our ecosystem. But when they’re in your home or business they cause damage and create genuine health hazards. That’s why Chicago and the Suburbs turn to our dedicated experts to humanely remove animals and keep animals from coming back.

Every creature has a home. It just shouldn’t be yours.

Animal Control for Homes ‣

We protect your property, your health, and your family- and we’ll do it today.

Animal Control for Businesses ‣

We help you provide a safe workplace, protect your reputation, and keep your doors open.

Animal Control for Municipalities ‣

We deliver professional and affordable animal control solutions for your citizens and town.

Expert Wildlife Control in Northern Illinois

From the Northshore towns near Northbrook and Glencoe, to the southwest suburbs near Naperville, we know the region. We know its animals. We know how to take care of them.

The counties we serve are:

  • Cook
  • Lake
  • DuPage
  • Kane*
  • McHenry*

Our team has been serving your town for decades. We’ll come to your home or business today.

*Limited coverage. Please enter your zip code in the Service Area Locator to see if we service your town.

Featured Services

Flying Squirrel Removal

Chipmunk Removal

Bat Inspection and Exclusion

Locally Run by Scientists for Over 40 Years

Founded by an expert. Run by experts. Staffed by experts.

While our firm is local, we lead policy and benchmarking for our industry on a national level. Our team strives to create smarter and more efficient humane wildlife control and prevention techniques that ensure you receive the most effective pest control. You deserve peace of mind. You deserve to be treated like a neighbor. It’s how we’ve been doing things for over 40 years. It’s the way we’ll always do it.

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Friendly, Efficient, Clean

“The technician who came was friendly, efficient, clean, unobtrusive, and forthcoming. He did the job to our satisfaction and helped us with next steps. Also, we called on Sunday and he came on Monday. I think that’s a pretty good turnaround. I recommend ABC.”

Pest and Insect Control Services

We don’t just keep out big furry animals. When you have insects, we eliminate them.

We apply effective non-toxic pest control products for insects and mosquitos. It’s another way we protect your health and wellbeing. Our insect pest control department, Landmark Pest Management, is pest control powered by science. This means you’ll get safe, clean, green, and efficient pest management to control ants, bees, wasps, hornets, and other insect pests.

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Our experts understand how stressful it is to have a wild animal in your home. Give us a call to begin to solve your problem today.

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Protect your property and your health from any wildlife or pests. Our experts are trained to give you peace of mind.

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