The ABC Humane Wildlife team believes in humane bat removal.  We understand the benefits each creature contributes to our planet, and we work very hard to handle every nuisance animal situation with care.  Bats are an especially valuable member of our wildlife community.  In order for plants and flowers to thrive, they depend on animals and insects for pollination, and bats are one of the species that fulfill that very important purpose.  Also, because they are primarily insectivores, bats are instrumental in the pest control of flying insects like mosquitoes and moths.

In the wild, Illinois bat species live primarily in tree hollows, caves, and rock crevices, but many times, they find desirable living conditions in attics.  Attic spaces provide ample shelter, darkness, and warmth; all attractive characteristics for a bat.  While we love bats, when they get themselves into a situation where they’re cohabiting with humans, something must be done.  Bats are the top transmitter of rabies in Illinois, and a buildup of their droppings can cause histoplasmosis, a dangerous fungal lung disease.  We want the bat community in our area to flourish, but we want them to do it outside of our homes.

Clearing bats out of an attic is an intricate process.  ABC Wildlife has been providing humane bat removal services for clients in Northern Illinois for many decades, and we utilize methods that are designed to preserve the well-being of the bats.  Here are our steps for humane bat removal:

Our Humane Bat Removal Process

  • Inspect the area – Our licensed technicians will inspect your property for indications that there may be a bat population present. Signs include rub marks on possible entry points and a buildup of guano either in the attic or on the outside of the structure.
  • Eliminate secondary access points –Once the technician has determined that there is a bat infestation, he or she will begin locating possible secondary access points and sealing them so bats may no longer use them to enter and exit the structure.  We seal gaps and cracks using wood trim, elastomeric sealants, and other professional grade materials.
  • Convert main access point – Once alternative areas of access are sealed, the bats’ main access point can be converted with an excluder. Excluders are devices that act as one-way doors so bats are able to exit the attic, but cannot reenter. We leave the excluders in place until we are certain that no bats remain.
  • Seal main access point – Once all bats have exited the attic, our technician will return to remove the excluders and seal up the final access point so that the problem doesn’t reoccur.

Bat Safety

Removing bats from an attic must be done during very specific times of the year.  If our technician determines there is a bat problem on your property, he or she will assess the best time to perform exclusion.  Bats give birth and rear their young between late May and late August, and if we install excluding devices during that time, we risk separating babies from their mothers.  We also want to ensure that outside temperatures aren’t too cold for the bats to survive.

If you suspect there may be a bat problem in your home or business, call ABC Wildlife for a full inspection.  Humane bat removal is incredibly important to us, and we will treat both your home and the creatures living in it with the utmost respect.  Call us today at (847) 870-7175 and speak with one of our knowledgeable team members.

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