Often misrepresented in popular culture as carnivorous predators, bats are fascinating creatures who play an instrumental role in our ecosystem.  As insectivores, they aid in controlling the insect population, eating up to 1,000 mosquitoes in a single hour, and they pollinate the plants and flowers we depend upon for a healthy environment.

However, due to their misunderstood nature, bat habitats are being threatened, reducing populations world-wide.  It is important we understand how to properly address situations where bat control is necessary in order to protect both humans and this extraordinarily beneficial mammal.

Bats In Your Living Space

While bats are a non-aggressive species, encountering one in your living environment is alarming and unsettling.  Should you find a bat in your home or business, contact a nuisance wildlife expert immediately.  One’s initial instinct may be to call an emergency responder such as the fire or police departments, and while they may be able to offer bat control advice, there is a possibility they will be misinformed about the best course of action.

Bats are often associated with rabies, and though less than 1% of the general population actually carries the disease, it is important that any bat found in a living space be captured and tested.  Rabies is most commonly spread through saliva, though it also resides in brain tissue.  Bats are a docile mammal and won’t bite unless threatened, however they have incredibly small teeth and their bites often go unnoticed.  It is for this reason bats residing in buildings must be obtained and assessed for rabies.  To ensure the safe apprehension of the bat, stay within visual range of the animal to monitor its whereabouts, and keep all doors and windows closed while you are waiting for a wildlife professional to arrive.

Contact A Bat Control Professional

ABC Wildlife’s bat control specialists have the experience and expertise to handle bats that have gained access into structures in a safe and efficient manner.  They will not only make sure the bat is properly tested for rabies, but they will also inspect your home or business for possible roosting areas and animal entry points, determining the need for humane bat exclusion devices.

Should a bat find its way into your living space, remember that they are non-aggressive creatures, valuable to our environment, and that there is no need to panic.  Simply remain calm and contact an ABC Wildlife bat control expert at (847) 870-7175.

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