Honeybees contribute greatly to our environment by pollinating our plants and flowers and producing delicious honey for us to eat. But when they choose to build their hive in an inconvenient or dangerous place, it can present a serious challenge.  While fresh honey every day may seem like a nice idea, no one wants bees living between their walls.

Honeybees in the house

Honeybees prefer to construct their hives in dark, deep cavities.  Ideally, they’ll choose the hollow of a tree, but it is not at all unusual to find bees nesting between walls or under the siding of a structure.  Unfortunately, addressing the situation may entail cutting open sections of wall or siding to access the hive, but if you discover a colony in your home, honeybee removal is an absolute necessity.

Honeybee nest removal

Honeybee removal should not be attempted alone and is best handled by a professional bee control and removal firm like ABC Wildlife.  Using chemicals to exterminate bees not only creates a potentially toxic environment for you and your family, but it is ecologically irresponsible.  Because bees are such a valuable asset to our environmental health, eradication should be a last resort.  ABC Wildlife specializes in structural pest control and honeybee removal and has the tools and experience necessary to safely extract the hive from your home and transfer it to a new location.  Our trained experts are also able to guarantee complete removal of all remnants of the nest.  This will ensure the lingering scent of beeswax won’t attract scouting honeybees in the future and diminish the likelihood of a continuing bee problem.

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