With warmer weather on the horizon, there’s an good chance that you may encounter one of the smelliest creatures in our ecosystem.  The striped skunk is starting to awaken from its partial state of winter rest (also known as torpor) to begin mating.  Skunk numbers are on the rise every year, and with a more prolific and active population comes the increased likelihood of encountering that odor we all know and dislike so much.  It is important to take the necessary steps to ensure that you’re protecting your home against intrusion and minimizing personal contact with them.  

Aside from the obnoxious odor, why should I steer clear of skunks?     

Most importantly, skunks are the top carrier of rabies in the state of Illinois.  While they are less likely than bats or raccoons to transmit the virus, they are certainly still a threat to other mammals. This includes humans and pets.  Given their furry build, skunks are also well known for carrying a variety of insect pests including fleas. This is another reason skunk removal is so crucial, especially if you have indoor or outdoor pets.  Luckily, precautions can be taken to prevent you and your cat or dog from coming in contact with skunks.

How do I minimize the likelihood of coming in contact with a skunk, especially where my dog is concerned?

The easiest way to minimize your dog’s exposure to skunk is to keep her close by when she is outside.  Keep an eye on her if you let her out into the backyard, and make sure she is on a leash when you go for your evening stroll.  Skunks are crepuscular, which means they are more active at dawn and sunset, so these are the times to be most cautious.   As a general rule of thumb, skunks will spray when they’re feeling threatened, so if you can keep Lady under control when tromping about the yard, she’s less likely to get hit with the pungent, oil-based secretion.  The most effective way to assure that you won’t tread upon a skunk’s living quarters is to take a more permanent means of guarding your home and other structures on your property.

How do I defend my home against intrusion?

More times than not, skunks will take advantage of the protruding areas of your home such as decks, stoops, porches, bay windows, and even the concrete slab your A/C unit sits on.  When they burrow in these locations, they will usually dig along the foundation line.  The solid cement wall gives them an added sense of security.  They then spray their new den to let others know, “This is my home!”  Be aware that they can and will certainly take up residence underneath your shed as well.  ABC Wildlife’s licensed skunk removal technicians have years of experience handling nuisance animal issues.  They are skilled in identifying skunk burrows and creating humane trapping programs to capture and remove these creatures from your property.  Once the skunks are gone, the best way to prevent a repeat infestation is with ABC Humane Wildlife’s animal-proof screen-up service.  This investment promises to keep not only skunks, but also raccoons, opossums, and a variety of other wildlife from occupying your land.  Protecting these structures prevents you from having to face the stinky consequences of a skunk infestation.

Skunk removal with ABC Wildlife

For additional information on skunks and how to cope with their presence, please contact one of our state-certified representatives by calling (847) 870-7175 today!  We’re dedicated not only to solving your problem, but also to giving you peace of mind.  We offer free skunk removal consultations with the most knowledgeable members of our staff to calculate the lowest possible cost for you.  Please contact us today, we look forward to assisting you.

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Alex Nechvatal is a nuisance wildlife and pest control specialist licensed by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources and the Illinois Department of Public Health.  He enjoys sharing his expertise with clients, spending time in the outdoors, and is an accomplished guitarist.


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