Closely resembling yellow jackets, paper wasps are long and narrow with alternating yellow (or sometimes brownish) and black stripes.  Their nests are often shaped like an inverse umbrella or tear drop and feature a distinct honeycomb pattern.  Paper wasps construct their homes out of wood pulp that has been chewed into a paste, and they prefer to build on tree branches or in the eaves of buildings.  If you spot heavy wasp traffic in a specific area and find a nest, do not attempt to remove it.  Paper wasps are aggressive and will defend their territory if threatened.

When to remove a paper wasp nest

Paper wasp nest removal should happen before the nest reaches the size of a quarter.  At this stage, the queen has not yet laid her eggs, and you will be less likely to provoke an attack.  If you’re in a situation where you must remove a nest yourself, take great care.  Nests are best dealt with at night when it is cooler and the wasps are dormant.

When NOT to remove a paper wasp nest

Wasps are a key component in controlling mosquitoes, caterpillars, and other pest insect species.  If the wasp nest on your property is in an area that sees little foot traffic, like in the high branches of a tree, it should be left alone.  That colony may be the reason you’re able to sit on your porch without incurring bug bites.

However, should you find an active nest larger than a coin in an area frequented by people, call an ABC Wildlife expert rather than attempting to handle the situation yourself.  Our professional paper wasp nest removal experts are equipped to handle stinging insects in a safe and effective manner, and they are also able to treat your home to prevent future nesting.  Our stinging insect preventative maintenance program keeps bees, wasps, and hornets from forming nests on your home.  We even guarantee that our treatments will keep stinging insects away until spring of the following year.

There is no need to fear wasps.  As long as you avoid their home and don’t threaten their habitat, they will leave you alone.  Just be mindful of the correct and incorrect ways to deal with a nest, and don’t be afraid to ask an ABC Wildlife professional for help with your paper wasp nest removal.  Call (847) 870-7175 for a consultation today!

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