At ABC Humane Wildlife Control & Prevention, we have a great respect for the wildlife around us.  Bats may look threatening, but they help to keep down populations of irritating insects like mosquitoes, and they are crucial to pollinating the plants we depend upon for food.  Raccoons can cause damage to your yard, but they are also incredibly intelligent and minimize the need for insect and rodent control by eating mice and other vermin.  Every creature, however unpleasant, serves a purpose in the balance of our ecosystem.  Even something as troublesome as a skunk deserves to be treated well when it’s being removed from your property.  We strive for the humane treatment of all animals, skunks included.  Here is our humane skunk removal process.


  •  Assess the situation –A thorough inspection of the property is an important first step in identifying a skunk problem.  A skunk will travel as many as three miles in search of food, and it may keep several den sites.  This means that it’s possible the animal is simply using your yard as a thruway or a stopping point, which poses a completely different situation than a skunk denning on your property.  An ABC Wildlife technician will examine the area for skunk burrows and set up a trapping program that best suits your issue.
  • Set live box traps – ABC Wildlife uses humane, live-capture box traps to catch skunks. The sides of the box are covered to keep the animal from becoming alarmed by its surroundings.  This also helps to contain any potential skunk spray.  Species-specific bait is placed inside the box, and the skunk is then lured inside and trapped when the door closes.  By using bait that is distinctly appealing to skunks, we are minimizing the possibility of capturing the wrong animal.
  • No chemicals – There are some home remedies that recommend deterring skunks using mothballs and ammonia or bleach-soaked rags. These techniques are almost always ineffective as the skunk will simply toss the rags out of its den.  But in some circumstances, a skunk can asphyxiate from these fumes.  Not only is this extremely inhumane, it leaves you with a dead animal under your porch, which can attract an even larger pest problem.  ABC Wildlife never utilizes chemicals in the animal trapping process.
  • Animal-proofing – Once the skunk removal process is complete, the next step is to deal with the empty den. An abandoned skunk den is an open invitation for other animals to build their nests there, which is why it’s important to animal proof these areas.  ABC Wildlife screens off porches, decks, stoops, sheds, and any number of other structures in order to prevent another animal from digging underneath to build its home.


If you’ve noticed a skunk frequenting your yard or are experiencing an increase in malodorous skunk smell, call ABC Wildlife today to schedule an inspection of your property.  Our trained and experienced technicians have the expertise to seek out active skunk burrows, create a strategic trapping plan to capture the animal, and safeguard your property against future problems with specially-designed animal proofing materials.  Let us take care of your skunk removal in the most effective and humane way possible.  Our team of courteous and knowledgeable wildlife professionals is waiting to take your call at (847) 870-7175.

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VitoVito Brancato is a wildlife specialist and educator with over 15 years of animal and pest management experience.  He is a certified Wildlife Control Operator through the National Wildlife Control Operators Association and belongs to the National Pest Management Association and the Illinois Pest Control Association.  He is an avid beekeeper and nature enthusiast.

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