At one time or another, everyone has to deal with having a yellow jacket nest in or around their home. We tolerate yellow jackets less than other insects because they’re aggressive with their stingers as they protect their nests from perceived harm. Though yellow jackets do have their uses, keeping the mosquito population down, for example, we like them best when they’re not nesting in our home.

How to Remove a Yellow Jacket Nest

Yellow Jackets are a cavity nesting species that often create nests in homes.  They find gaps in exterior walls and then create nests between the drywall and home’s exterior.  If you spot the problem early you can try treating the nest with over the counter products.  Make sure to be careful when treating a yellow jacket nest as they can be very dangerous when their nest is threatened.

Most people don’t notice a yellow jacket problem until it’s too late, when there’s much activity surrounding the nest. If this is the case with you, please don’t take matters into your own hands. It’s best for the average homeowner not to attempt to remove an active nest on his own.

You might be inclined to spray the nest with a chemical that will seal or freeze the nest. This is a bad idea, as yellow jackets will search for an escape, and this escape is often the inside of your home. This can lead to an even bigger problem as yellow jackets burrow into your home to escape the chemicals. (And let’s face it, the only thing worse than a yellow jacket’s nest on the outside of your house is one inside your house.) If you must use a spray, do so when the nest is small, about the size of a nickel. As yellow jackets don’t see well at night, and are likely to be resting, the best time to spray a nest is after light’s out.

Calling In the Pros

If the yellow jacket’s nest is busy and you spot lots of comings and goings, don’t mess around with it. Contact your local pest control specialists who will either advise you how to get the job done, or take care of the situation themselves. Professionals have the right kind of clothing, are trained to remove the yellow jackets without incident, and will even spray your home, porch, and deck to ensure yellow jackets won’t be coming back.

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