Honeybees are hugely beneficial to the environment, producing honey and pollinating plants.  A honeybee nest in your backyard isn’t necessarily cause for concern, and may even be desirable for those who keep gardens.  If it is located in an area with little foot traffic, a hive should pose no problem.  But if honeybees are nesting on or in your home, they will need to be removed and relocated.

When is a honeybee nest a problem?

Honeybee activity increases in the spring when overpopulated colonies split to form new hives.  These bees will form a swarm around their queen to protect her as they transition to a new location.  If you notice a large gathering of honeybees on a tree branch or wooden post, observe it carefully from a distance to see if they are simply resting in transit or if they’re beginning to form a permanent home. When honeybees choose to build their nests on or in homes, this presents a problem.  No one wants bees in their home, however due to their valuable contribution to our ecosystem, extermination should be avoided at all costs.  Spraying pesticide should never be an option, and do-it-yourself solutions are extremely dangerous.


Honeybee nest removal tips

Honeybees prefer to nest in areas with deep, dark cavities.  This encompasses anything from trees and porches to abandoned cars and refrigerators.  Removing unnecessary clutter from your yard will reduce the number of possible nesting sites.  Also, honeybees seeking a new home may be attracted by the scent of an already existing nest, so any old, abandoned hives should be removed from your property.

Though preventative maintenance is a useful tool in avoiding honeybee nesting, it’s moot if bees have already taken up residence on your property.  Honeybees are non-aggressive, but they will defend their home if threatened.  Unless you’re an experienced bee-keeper, it is best to contact a professional bee removal company.  An expert will be able to humanely remove the bee hive and relocate it to an appropriate area as well as identify other areas in your home that may be at risk for hive formation.

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