Skunk Removal Wheaton, IL


Skunks are a serious problem for the residents of Northern Illinois’ towns, including Wheaton.  Not only are skunks attracted to environments that feature a diversity in terrain – which Wheaton’s residential and nature areas offer – , but their pungent, extremely unpleasant spray ensures that they have few natural enemies.  When a species isn’t being hunted by a predator, there is little to control its population, and the numbers of skunks in Wheaton is growing each year.  ABC Humane Wildlife’s commitment to protecting homes against skunks, their many years of experience, and their team of educated, courteous technicians is why we are the top choice for Wheaton skunk removal.

ABC Humane Wildlife’s certified Wheaton skunk removal specialists are fully trained in the capture, removal, and exclusion of skunks from the residential and commercial properties of Wheaton.  Not only to we conduct a comprehensive inspection of your home to ensure all bases are covered, once we’ve removed the skunks, we offer custom designed animal proofing to prevent the problem from reoccurring.  Contact us today to hear about the latest, humane Wheaton skunk removal techniques. 1-847-870-7175.

24-Hour Wheaton Skunk Removal

ABC Humane Wildlife provides emergency Wheaton skunk removal assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  If you discover a skunk problem on your property after normal business hours, our helpful representatives are just a phone call away.  Skunks carry parasites like fleas and ticks and are vectors for diseases like rabies and leptospirosis. If there is an animal problem in your home, don’t hesitate to act.  Our Wheaton skunk removal specialists can assist you any time, day or night.  Call ABC Humane Wildlife when you need 24-hour emergency help.  We are waiting to assist you! 1-847-870-7175.

ABC Humane Wildlife is proud to serve Wheaton, IL 60187 & 60189.

Wheaton Customer Testimonial

Removed squirrel. Set the trap on roof, and he was caught within 4 hours. ABC picked him up the next day. Closed up hole after confirming there were no other squirrels in roof. Did follow up call to make sure there were no more problems. Great company.

-Judy Goodwin, Wheaton, Illinois

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