Schaumburg: Our Home and Yours

With its border of forest preserves, bustling shopping centers, and close proximity to Chicago, it’s no surprise Schaumburg has such an outstanding reputation. Favored by both residents and businesses alike, Schaumburg has much to offer in the way of food, retail, and entertainment.

Because Schaumburg is such an ideal crossroads of commerce and community, we have made it our home as well. In fact, our science-based service resulted in ABC Wildlife being named Schaumburg’s Business of The Month in November, 2018.

Wildlife and Pest Control Experts in Schaumburg, Illinois

Schaumburg’s plethora of parks and backyards attract not only people, but pests as well. Unfortunately, many animals are skilled making your home their home. Some of the more frequent intruders include:

  • Raccoons – Raccoons are often attracted to high, sheltered places where they can raise their young in an environment away from predators.
  • Bats – Bats live in attics in Schaumburg, because attics are a warm, dry, safe place for bats to feed and raise their babies.
  • Mice – Mice only need a 1/4-inch hole, the size of a Bic pen, to squeeze into your home or business. Typical entry points include the fascia, foundation, and under loose siding.

Let the experts at ABC Wildlife resolve your problems and give you peace of mind.

Let ABC Wildlife’s Experts Help You Today!

We understand the value of your home, and with over 40 years of experience, ABC Wildlife has the knowledge and skills to make your problem our priority. Whether it’s wildlife removal, repairing animal damage, or preventing future issues, our team of state-licensed wildlife specialists will work to solve your problem. ABC Wildlife uses only the most effective methods of animal control, ensuring the safety of your family and home. Call us today at (847) 901-7377 to learn how we can solve your wildlife or pest issues.

Our Schaumburg service area includes the following communities:

  • Schaumburg
  • Arlington Heights
  • Palatine
  • Buffalo Grove
  • Des Plaines
  • Glenview
  • Mount Prospect
  • Northbrook
  • Prospect Heights
  • Rolling Meadows
  • Wheeling
  • And more! We serve Cook County!
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