Wildlife Control Technician Graham Olson at ABC Wildlife in Arlington Heights, Ill., demonstrates how to reset and rebait a humane animal trap.

The purpose of this video is to show how to reset and rebait a typical humane animal trap. To set the trap:

  1. First, lift the safety at the top of the trap.
  2. Then push the lower bar towards the back of the cage, bringing two pieces of the door together.
  3. Use the hook on the door to lift the door up to the top of the cage.
  4. With the door in an upright position, move the hook forward and rest the door on the hook.

To set the bait for the trap:

  1. Wrap bait (such as liverwurst) in aluminum foil.
  2. Place the bait in the cage behind the foot pedal.
  3. Feed the foil through the bottom of the cage and secure it to the cage, which will ensure the animals can’t get the bait

For most raccoons and other carnivores, use meat or something with a strong smell as bait. For most rodents, peanut butter works best. For skunks, try something sweet.

That is how you rebait a trap.

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