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Mike Zilberstein – Highland Park, IL

I called yesterday to get an exterminator to my house for ants. They were very professional and kind, and gave me a next day appointment. The exterminator came on time, and was fantastic. He was very nice, and was mindful of my little kids, and did a great job explaining everything. Thank you for a job well done!

M. David Johnson – Glenview, IL

We have been regular ABC Humane Wildlife preventive maintenance customers since the early 1980s. I’m terminally allergic to bee and wasp stings. ABC’s normal preventive maintenance service covers three treatments per year. Because of my allergy, we take four treatments per year. Their service also includes free callbacks if any presence of bees or wasps is detected between treatments, and they are very prompt to come out in such cases. They were also very helpful on one occasion where we had a chipmunk in the walls of the house.

Erica Christian – Cary, IL

ABC set soft traps so we could see if we had any active raccoon activity in our attic. Once it was determined that raccoon activity had stopped, wire cages were affixed over our vents, raccoon-bent fans were replaced, raccoon-damaged insulation was replaced, treatment to the wood, baffle boxes installed, peace and harmony restored to our attic. Friendly, professional, everything went well and according to the discussions and plan laid out. We had racoon damage in our attic and ABC fixed everything. I ask a lot of questions and there was never a lack of patience–which I appreciated very much. Professionalism cannot be matched (in my limited experience) and this is the team for a job well-done. The only problem was me. In the end, I thought there were still holes in my roof. There were not. The shingles were a different color (which I knew would happen from our discussions, but had forgotten about with everything else we needed done) and from the ground I thought there were holes by the fans. Not the case; those were new shingles! 🙂 ABC was fantastic from start to finish. We will use them again and I have recommended them to others.

Debra Walker – Downers Grove, IL

I arranged for them to install wire screening on 2 sides of a concrete stoop to prevent animals from digging under my porch. (I have used this company in the past to remove animals from other parts of my property. They suggested this proactive work.) They called to remind me several days before their appointment. They came as promised. They did a great job of preserving landscaping gravel on the side before they dug. After digging down approximately 18 inches, they installed wire mesh screening down the 2 sides of the stoop. They then covered the area with the dirt and final layer of landscaping stones. You couldn’t even tell the area had been excavated when they were done!

Mr. Leach – Chicago, IL

Elizabeth Monahan – Chicago, IL

We had bees crawling under exterior siding through a gap between siding and brick wall and wanted them eliminated. Phil the technician from ABC arrived at the scheduled time. He observed the bees and identified them as yellow jackets. Phil said he could eradicate them with a powder treatment and the bee activity would die down in a couple of days and we would be finished with the problem. Phil said if we still noticed bee activity after 7 days to call ABC and they would come back to re-treat the nest at no charge. It is just 3 days since Phil treated the nest and we have observed zero bee activity. We are very happy with the service and the remedy to our problem.

Martha Buchan – Lincolnshire, IL

One by one, they removed a family of nine flying squirrels from our attic. The attic was completely cleaned and sanitized, and new insulation as blown in. All went well. It was easy to make appointments with ABC Humane Wildlife Control, and they were all very profession and prompt with their service. We dealt with many on their staff while trying to catch all the squirrels, and each of the representatives were friendly and helpful. We had some issues with the condition of some of the traps, but that was eventually resolved. They are a very helpful organization and the staff is very knowledgeable.

Dimitra Travlos – Chicago, IL

The company was able to catch the raccoon by a trapped cage that had tried to enter the home through our roof and took it away. In addition they fixed the area of the roof where the raccoon tried to get in: installed a screen over one storm vent, installed one temporary soffit patch and constructed to box out one soffit. ABC Humane Wildlife responded very quickly. Came to our house within 24 hours. They were very professional. The raccoon was caught within 24 hours. They came out the same day to take the raccoon away. They also decided to leave the cage for one more week to ensure there are no more raccoons/animals trying to enter through the roof. When there were no more animals they came out took the cage, corrected the items on the roof. Placed screens on the soffits and build out a box for one of the soffits. It was great. They fit it just right, painted it the exact same color as our home. You would never know what was there! They cleaned up everything. Very professional and responsive! We had brought two other companies prior to this and obviously the problem was not taken care of appropriately. Since April, we have yet to have a problem. Thank you!

Daniel Chan – Elmhurst, IL

ABC Wildlife initially performed an animal entry/exclusion inspection. He seemed really knowledgeable, and came up with some great ideas for prevention. We actually found evidence of animals trying to live under our porch. There were definite animal tracks and digging holes between the grass and the porch. We worked with ABC to come up with different idea on how best to get rid on the animals and to prevent them from coming again. We ended up going with a full surround trench and mesh wire. That would prevent animals from digging and trying to get under our porch and deck. We also sealed some holes where smaller animals might be able to get in. The inspection went great, furthermore the fence work went as planned. It did take three weeks to schedule (it was a decent sized job as it took 4 guys a day and 1/2 to finish). They came on time, and worked during the summer heat. They planted a trap for the animals as well, and when no animals came within a few days they finished up their work.They were very upfront and honest about pricing, and they even honored a coupon that should not have been on the site. They really know their stuff, and ABC Wildlife would be my first call to deal with any future animal problems.

Alice Burke – Chicago, IL

Called to remove what we thought was a dead animal under our porch (smell was quite bad). They did an inspection on a Saturday afternoon to make sure nothing was living in there, and then came back Sunday morning with the tools to open the porch and remove the dead animals (turned out to be 2 possums). They were great. I called on a Friday, they were able to accommodate us the very next day for the inspection and then come back the day after that with the necessary tools to open up the side of my porch and get the dead animals out. The person who came was professional but also had a good sense of humor, was great about finding a spot on the side of my porch to remove that is not visible from the street and then patched it back up quite well after her was done. He was also kind enough to take a look at my next door neighbor’s strange droppings for no charge so the neighbor could figure out whether he needed to call them in. I will definitely use this company again for live trapping or dead animal removal.

Kelly Harman – Highland Park, IL

We called ABC Wildlife on a Saturday after moving into our new house and finding a disgusting amount for rodent droppings in the basement. The person answering the phone call was extremely pleasant and reassuring that ABC Wildlife could not only reduce the amount of rodents on the property, but could eliminate with a guarantee the rodents from entering the property. A person was able to come out that day and put down bait stations and give a quote on rodent mitigation. The pricing seemed a little high, but when we found multiple skeletons in the basement, we wanted to act quickly and with confidence that the problem would be solved. ABC Wildlife came out several days later and sealed around the entire house where brick abutted to wood siding, covered vents with mesh, eliminated gaps around air conditioning units and concrete steps where rodents could hide or sneak in. They worked tirelessly and were at the property for a good 6 hours. Since having the mitigation system put in we have had no rodents in the house. Fast forward 5 months and I find a mouse in the flue for the furnace exhaust. I call ABC Wildlife immediately and again, they are informative and reassuring. The offer to send someone that day to remove. When the technician arrives, he is courteous and respectful of the property by wearing booties in the house. He offers to take a look at the bait stations and refill no extra charge. We discuss how the mouse permeated the mitigation and the technician informed me that he was likely there prior to the mitigation judging by the body. That said, they did not charge me anything to pick up the mouse and check the bait stations even though there was not an intrusion of the mitigation system. I hate to say that a mouse would keep me up at night, but I do sleep better knowing that there no rodents in the house due to the mitigation and bait system that ABC Wildlife provided.

Mary Mulhern – La Grange, IL

ABC Wildlife was called by us because my neighbor noticed bats flying around the peak of our roof one early morning. Mike LaBuda came out and did a very thorough inspection, inside and out. About a week later, we received ABC’s proposal for work to be done to remove the existing bat nest and prevent return of bats to the house. The work was expensive but was done very professionally. We did not have to do any cleanup after they finished work each day. We would also receive a phone call telling us when they were coming to our home and how long they expected to be working each day. A couple of weeks after the work was finished, we found another bat in the house in the early evening – it was quite lethargic, but it was there. ABC sent one of its employees out within 90 minutes of my call, in the pouring rain, to capture the bat and send it to the CDC for testing – luckily, the bat was not rabid. ABC studied this intrusion after another inspecting and concluded that the most recent bat must have been trapped in the house structure somehow, given its behavior. All of this was done per ABC’s three-year guarantee, at no charge to us. ABC gets an A+ from us for its responsiveness, professionalism and polite employees. This work was expensive, but the three-year guarantee makes the cost a little easier to accept. I hope I never have to use them again but anyone with wildlife issues would be well served by ABC Wildlife.

Margo Sundquist-Stacy – Schaumburg, IL

I was having trouble with a HUGE skunk that kept coming around the back of my home under my stoop. They were fabulous. They set out a trap, never caught him, but were able to use other tactics to keep it from coming back. They dug around my stoop and the foundation of my home and inserted a preventative mesh fencing in the ground to keep the skunks out. They cleaned everything up when they were done. They were very responsive to my needs and were punctual. The representative who initially came out was very knowledgeable and helpful as far as explaining everything to me. He was very professional and very caring. They were a little expensive, BUT well worth it.

The very next spring, the skunk had returned and I watched him for almost 45 minutes digging into the ground. He then left. I was concerned, so I called the company back regarding my warranty. They came out that same day and looked at the work they did and verified with me that there were no signs that the skunk was able to get in and assured me everything was okay. The skunks came back later, and still being concerned, the company came back out to look at where he was trying to get in and still no sign that the mesh was coming out. Since then I haven’t not had to deal with skunks under my stoop. These guys were great!

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